Why Choose Emc

Why Choose EMC School Services

At Enable My Child, our practices are guided by our mission: “We care for our children and the people who care for them.” That includes our school partners. It’s important to us to prioritize what is important to you: quality, compliance, affordability, and convenience.

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  • Our therapists are carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they are knowledgeable and experienced in working with children.
  • We place the utmost value on proper diagnostics and research-based treatment. Studies support the effectiveness of teletherapy.
  • Students are matched with therapists who specialize in the treatment of their conditions.
  • Enable My Child therapists have all of the appropriate qualifications and licenses required to practice in your state.
  • We automatically monitor compliance with IEP services and notify you if a student is behind in service minutes.
  • The EMC Brain, our proprietary platform, has multiple layers of security to guarantee HIPAA/FERPA compliance.
  • With our low therapy rates and evaluation fees, schools save an average of 25 to 30%.
  • We offer both exclusive and non-exclusive pricing packages that allow for flexibility in using EMC as a sole provider or as a supplement to your current provider.
  • Teletherapy eliminates travel time and mileage costs of associated with serving students in multiple locations.
  • Therapy sessions can be scheduled during evening and weekend hours so students don’t miss instruction time.
  • In addition to a Care Coordinator, school admins have access to a dashboard with sessions, billing, and other useful analytics.
  • Online delivery widens access to specialties that are difficult to find in some areas.