Enable my child, is a excellent resource

Enable my child, is a excellent resource May 30, 2018 Tina M 0

Enable my child, is a excellent resource for parents to use, to help in the development of their children.

Enable my child, makes it possible for my son to recieve valuable information, instruction and learning from the safety of our own home. Wesley’s weak immune system makes him susceptible to germs, bacteria and viruses so not having to take him to school or a local hospital is ideal.

Enable my child’s staff are curtious, kind, compassionate and passionate about their job and it shows in the way they interact with my son.

This has been an answered prayer for me and my family. I now wish I wouldn’t have spent so much time wondering and worrying about what to do for my son, especially when trying to make the decision as to if I should homeschool him or not because I was afraid he wouldn’t recieve these ever so important skills.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank the staff and CEO of Enable my child, for the opportunity to keep my son well in the safety of our home and yet still receive services that are needed, which in turn enables my child to be the best he can be given this opportunity.