My son's Speech Language Pathologist

My son’s Speech Language Pathologist May 30, 2018 Kristina S 0

My son’s Speech Language Pathologist, and his Occupational Therapist are so willing to listen to my input, and incorporate my suggestions, and address my questions. They also listen to the previous approaches other therapists have taken. The OT he works with thought of very creative, new approaches for his needs. She did it on the spot, to make the most use of our time. The SLP was receptive to receiving each week, my son’s email summary of his weekend. Then, she uses it as a basis of his speech goals, while she gets more insight to him. She was even willing to watch his favorite tv show, so that she would be more relatable to him. All of this, will help my son reach his goals faster…and feel he’s working with people that share his interests.