Speech Therapy Services


You want to know how it all works. After all, it’s your baby we’re talking about! We understand and we are here to answer all your questions.

Does my child need speech therapy?

Are you concerned that your child is not talking like other kids the same age? Maybe you have noticed that your child’s speech sounds different. Does that mean that therapy is needed? If you wish to discuss your concerns with a speech therapist, fill out the Contact form and include that information in your message. There is no commitment required for this consultation.

What happens when my child is evaluated?


If you decide to move forward, a case manager will be assigned to your family as your main contact for any questions or problems you may have. First, your....Read More

What if the evaluation identifies a problem?


If the evaluation determines that there is a speech or language issue, a Speech & Language Pathologist (SLP) will recommend a plan of care. This is not ....Read More

Who is going to treat my child?


The EMC Brain will identify therapists licensed in your state who specialize in your child’s diagnosis and have experience in implementing the ....Read More

What happens during therapy sessions?


Therapy is done in real-time. That means that your child and the SLP will be able to see and hear each other just as if they were meeting in-person ....Read More

Does speech teletherapy work?


Did you know that speech therapy delivered online is as effective or even more effective than in-person therapy? It’s true, but you should check out the research....Read More

How long will my child need speech therapy?


The length of speech therapy services varies depending on the needs of your child. Most children receive speech therapy anywhere from 30 .... Read More

What is the next step?


To get started, all you need to do is complete the Intake form and provide insurance information. If paying out-of-pocket, you will only enter your .... Read More

Still not sure...


That’s okay! It’s your child’s well-being and we don’t expect you to make any commitments until you are absolutely sure. Ask all the questions you need ....Read More