Something for Everybody

Our system accommodates various levels of accessibility from that of the parent, therapist, and school administrator based on HIPPA and FERPA compliance regulations.

Dynamic Views

Therapists and administrators will have a unique view allowing them to upload IEP and case notes in a real-time manner. The smart platform technology provides a dynamic, real time views of current session data and documents for the team to view.

Document Sharing & Interaction

Our platform provides the ability for our therapists to share documents with the customer (student/parent/team member) at any time. This will enhance communication and intervention implementation during treatment session.

Automated Billing

We strive to make the payment portion of this process as simple as possible such that our customers can see a clear path to how much they are paying and the treatment they received for it. Each billing cycle you will receive all case notes and line item list of each session that took place and the costs thereof.

Integrated Neural Network

In this emerging world of leveraging and utilizing data, we are continually attempting to use that to our advantage. Our system is built coinciding with our data collection and processing agent we call “The Brain”. As our system grows The Brain gets smarter and will provide our therapists, teachers, and psychologists with more insight as to the best way to approach new customers.

Video Conferencing

We leverage a well-known system to handle our day-to-day sessions that accounts for automated bandwidth detection (for those with poor connections), screen sharing, whiteboards, and much more. This integration allows for recording and scheduling automation that benefits both the professional and the customer attending the meeting.