How it works

School-based therapy is a great way for children to grow their skills within the educational setting; however, school-based therapy has constraints which can limit its scope, duration, and frequency. Our therapists are able to work on a wider range of goals to include activities in the home and community environments. We can supplement your child’s school-based therapy or offer the primary form of therapy.
Unlike traditional therapy clinics that require commuting and waiting, Enable My Child is delivered right to your computer or mobile device. We deliver the same high-quality therapy services you expect from traditional clinics; however, we make it more convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable for you and your child.
Yes, we are able to provide therapy in all 50 states. We also provide therapy in U.S. Territories and in a few other countries. That means that your child will be able to continue receiving therapy through Enable My Child even your family moves to a different city, state, or country!

Payment options

We are currently Medicaid-approved in Idaho and Colorado. As soon as we obtain approval in other states, we will add that information here.
Yes, we submit insurance claims to any insurance provider. To verify if specific services are covered under your policy, you should contact your insurance provider. When you sign up for services, you will be asked for your insurance information. You may also choose to pay out-of-pocket. In that case, we provide you with an invoice that you can send to your insurance company to get reimbursed.
We accept payment via debit, credit, and/or Health Saving Account (HSA) card. You will only be asked to provide your card information once you are provided with a login into our secure platform.

Therapists and therapy

Yes. All our therapists are certified and have a minimum of three years of experience in the pediatric field.
Once you sign up for the evaluation, our dedicated case managers will select a therapist to conduct the evaluation. You will be able to contact the therapist through our live platform to talk, share documents, and interact.
Both therapies are comparable and can develop your child’s skills in the home and community environments. EMC therapy is delivered in the convenience of your own home and the therapist will utilize activity resources and materials that are already available to you. Traditional therapy clinics utilize equipment that is inaccessible after the sessions are over. By using your own resources and materials, you and your child can practice and refine those skills more frequently for better results.