Our Mission

Caring for our children and the people who care for them. Providing high-quality, evidence-based, affordable therapy for children. Valuing the contributions of our professionals and earning their loyalty.

Our Story


This is a cause near and dear to founder and CEO, Syed Mohammed. As a child with undiagnosed ADHD and other conditions, he experienced the frustrations of trying to accomplish things that were easy for other children. As an adult, he knew that early intervention is key to setting up a child for success and was moved by a sense of responsibility to create change.

Syed researched and listened to over 150 parents of children with various disorders and recruited a team of experienced pediatric care professionals who spent almost two years researching the barriers to therapy and seeking solutions. We had several problems to resolve: improving access to therapy for all children, engage professionals specializing in pediatric therapy, reducing waiting times for evaluations and services, and making treatment affordable for families. Enable My Child is our answer to these barriers. With our technology, highly qualified therapists enable each child’s present and future, wherever they are.

Our Work


At Enable My Child, we work with your child and family to develop the skills needed to overcome life’s everyday challenges. Our professionals care about the well-being and development of your child and will utilize their expertise to help your child.

EMC has licensed therapists in most states and is continually growing to meet the needs of each and every child who needs our help. We never turn a child away based on a diagnosis.

To learn more about the conditions we treat and the types of therapy we provide, visit our Services page.